Is Your Roof Making You Sick?

Roofing Made Easy


Alright… so roofing is never going to be easy. It requires an assortment of skills, coupled with the willingness to perform back-breaking labor, under hot and arduous conditions, and to top it all off? You’re walking on a surface which is specifically designed to encourage physical objects to slide off of it (lest they weigh it down, and cause stress-related damage over time). That being said, roofing doesn’t need to be unnecessarily complicated, either. Roofing can be straightforward, with a clearly obvious path from “point A” to “point B” to “done,” without any surprises or hangups.


Whether you’re an experienced professional, or an amateur putting your first roof onto a shed in your back yard, you want the work you’re doing to look nice and to be functional… and to endure, year after year. If you’re having work done for you, you want the same thing; you also, in all likelihood, want to be informed as to the ongoing process, and to understand the nature of the work that’s being done (and why it’s necessary; some things will be more self-evident than others, such as leaks).


That’s where we come in!


  • Metal Roofing: One of the current trends in roofing is the use of metal roofing materials. Is this right for your project? What are the costs, and other concerns involved in installing a metal roof? Are there additional concerns with regards to ongoing maintenance? Find the answers to these, and any other questions you might have about metal roofs and roofing materials, here at St. Peter’s Haven.
  • How to Fix a Leak: This is one of the most commonly asked questions among the inexperienced; “my roof is leaking, how can I fix it myself?” An amateur is absolutely capable of repairing a leak in their own roof, but they need to know exactly what they are doing, how to find the precise location of the leak, and what materials to use. Safety is of the utmost importance in any endeavor, particularly when you aren’t the most experienced roofer around. Our articles contain all of the information that you will need to make an educated decision as to the repair of a leak in your roof.
  • Costs: How much do different types of roofing shingles cost? How much does it cost to hire a roofer to fix a leak – or to replace an entire roof? What would be the cost of materials, in the event that you want to fix your roof, repair a leak, or perform other roofing work yourself? Our articles off the answers to all of these questions, and more.
  • Tips: Find out how to save a little money, while improving the efficiency of your work, without sacrificing on quality. Cut corners safely, without cutting anything that is vital to the process of your particular roofing project. These basic tips from experienced roofers will help you out, whether you’re a first-time roofer undertaking a personal project, or a professional in need of a little helpful advice.
  • Tricks: Do you believe that the cost of materials as presented by the professional roofer you’ve hired is being inflated? Is the job taking too long? Has he miraculously discovered several problematic areas which, upon inspection, he can’t explain to you beyond his insistence that they must be taken care of immediately? Are his certifications or personally vouched experience in doubt? If you think you’re being taken for a ride, we have the answers to any questions that might be troubling you; find out what tricks and tactics a fraud will use to convince you that he knows what he’s doing… and learn what to do about it.

A Good Home Needs A Great Roof


More than any other part of your home, office, or business building, you want your roof to be in tip-top shape. Repairs virtually anywhere else can be made “soon,” but when a roof is damaged or leaking, there is an almost irrepressible desire to want it to be fixed now. Without a properly functional and healthy roof, we feel exposed and vulnerable; our home starts to feel less like a home. At work, productivity drops. It is absolutely vital to ensure that your roofing project is handled with the utmost of professional quality and a thorough comprehension of all parts involved. Our articles can help you see to that successfully… and perhaps even make an otherwise back-breaking job seem more fun and interesting.